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Lebara All-in NL 20

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  • Use the strong network of KPN 4G
  • Monthly adjusting your plan for free
  • Affordable plans with low-price rates
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€ 20,00
Only usable in The Netherlands.


Lebara has stood for benefits and freedom for over 20 years. Calling, surfing and texting in the way that suits you. With Lebara prepaid plans, you are always well off and never pay too much. You make phone calls and surf the internet using the strong 4G network of KPN and get a free SIM card sent to your home.

Lebara Prepaid Plans: Stay in touch with your friends and family

Stay in touch with your family and friends, without an ongoing subscription. With Lebara Prepaid plans, you decide the budget, without giving up quality time with your loved ones! If you’re not familiar with the Lebara Prepaid Plans yet, please let us acquaint you with them. Besides the Sim Only offer, Lebara also offers Prepaid plans, including the ALL IN NL plans. With these Prepaid plans, you choose for even more convenience and comfort. The difference with Sim Only? With Sim Only, your SIM card is automatically topped up. Do you want to stay in full control of your budget? Then choose one of the Prepaid plans. With Lebara ALL IN NL:

  • You'll have 7GB of internet;
  • You have unlimuted minutes to make phone calls;
  • You'll have 1000 Text messages within the Netherlands;
  • Everything at a beneficial rate;
  • Make free calls to other Lebara users.

Calling, messaging, emailing and checking your social media; it's easier than you think. No need to buy an expensive subscription, just get the cheapest prepaid deal with Lebara ALL IN NL.

Top up your Lebara data bundle with a 20 euro prepaid code

Simply add the Lebara ALL IN NL of 20 euro to your SIM card. At Gamecardsdirect you will receive the bundle in the form of a prepaid code of €20 by email. The bundles are valid for 30 days, so you can 'Gramm', 'Snap' and TikTok to your heart's content. Want to stay offline for a day? No problem, you only pay for the data you actually use.

Buy €20 Lebara ALL IN NL easily online

Buy and receive the €20 Lebara ALL IN NL-BUNDEL easily online. You will receive the prepaid code immediately after completing your payment! Lebara has the most advantageous prepaid data bundles. When you almost use up the bundle, simply buy a new one in our webshop. Do you use a lot of cellular data because you are a daily vlogger? Feel free to buy as much and as often as you need. It's that simple with Lebara Prepaid!

Redeem instructions

How can I redeem my Lebara code?

A Lebara code can be redeemed by either sending a message or by direct command. You can do it however you like:


  1. Call the number 1244;
  2. Follow the spoken instructions and enter your code;


  1. Enter *101*[prepaid code]# on your mobile phone;
  2. So if for example your code is 12345, you will have to enter *101*12345#
  3. Press the ‘call’ button.
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  • Excellent customer service
  • Telephone:
    +31(0)85 047 75 36
  • E-mail support in the weekends
  • 1.100.000+ satisfied customers

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Lebara All-in NL 20 €20,00
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