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    Gem Cards

    Use Guild Wars Gems to make purchases from the Gem Store to get new skins, outfits, gliders and weapons!

    Guild Wars <br>Gem Cards

Guild Wars Gems PC

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Guild Wars 2000 Gems

€ 25,00
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Guild Wars 4000 Gems

€ 50,00

What is Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 is a MMORPG developed by ArenaNet and released by NCSoft. The story takes place in Tyria, a fantasy world in Guild Wars, 250 years after The Great Destroyer in Eye of the North was slain. This caused 6 Elder Dragons to wake up from their sleep and create massive chaos and corruption amongst the citizens. In Guild Wars 2, you can create a character and choose from five different races and eight professions. These traits also determine the skills you can access. Guild Wars 2 is a game that is still being updated with new interesting content, which keeps many fans playing.

What are Guild Wars Gems?

Guild War Gems are the in-game currency required to purchase items from the Gem Store in Guild Wars 2. The Gems can be used for convenience or cosmetic items such as armour, skins, outfits, supplies and more.

How do I purchase a Guild Wars Gem Card?

You can purchase a Guild Wars Gem Card online at Gamecardsdirect. Follow the steps below to order your Gems:

  1. Select the number of Gems you need and add the Gem Card to your shopping cart;
  2. Fill in the required information and agree to the terms and conditions;
  3. After we have received the payment from you, we will send you a code via email.

Which Guild Wars 2 Gems do you sell?

We sell Guild Wars 2 Gem Cards with the following 2 values:

Both variants can only be used with a European account.

How do I activate a Guild Wars game code?

To activate your download code, you must enter your code at If you already have access to this page, please log in here and then activate your code..

How do I redeem my Gem Card?

Redeeming a Gem Card is very easy, this is done as follows:

  1. Sign up for Guild Wars 2;
  2. Go to the Gem Store - Black Lion Trading Company Panel. (Hotkey 'O' or lion icon in the upper left corner of the screen);
  3. Then click 'Redeem Code' in the upper left corner of the Gem Store panel;
  4. Follow the instructions on your screen;
  5. Your credit will be automatically replenished after activation!
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