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  • GTA Online Shark Cards

    In GTA V, whether you want to splurge on a new sports car and outfit to match, or if you want to invest in property, you will need cash (and plenty of it).You can easily add more money to your GTA V Online account with the use of Shark Cards!

    GTA Online Shark Cards

GTA Online Shark Cards PlayStation

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Explore the open world of GTA Online. Grand Theft Auto, also known as GTA, is a hugely popular game franchise that has been around since 1997. The first game was a top view of pixelated cities and people where you committed as many crimes as possible and try to get away with it. The game franchise has made huge strides in the meantime and the latest game Grand Theft Auto V is still at the top of the world. GTA is known for it’s realistic graphics, open-world concept and the ability to create as much chaos as possible. GTA Online is the multiplayer game mode in GTA V in which multiple players play together in one session. You can become the owner of a penthouse, all kinds of vehicles and companies such as nightclubs and department stores. GTA V Online is constantly updated with new content, so there is always something to do! Top up your PlayStation Wallet with a PSN Card and get started. Top up your PlayStation Wallet with a PSN Card and get started.

Use GTA Shark Cards and spend your money

In GTA it's all about money. Whether you want to show off a new sports car and matching outfit, or invest in real estate, you'll need money (and a lot of it). Making money in GTA is not very difficult, but it can take a while. So why not skip the hard work by putting your own money into it? You can easily transfer money to your account with Shark Cards. These cards contain virtual GTA money that you can transfer to your online account on GTA V. There are 6 Shark Cards that you can buy to put GTA dollars on your account. See the table below for a clear overview:

So buy your PSN Wallet Top Up now at Gamecardsdirect. Choose from:

Online Shark Cards are almost indispensable in GTA!

You can buy GTA money with PSN credit. With the GTA Online Shark Card you can make purchases in GTA Online. You can buy clothes and weapons, as well as garages, houses and business premises. You can choose from the Red Shark Card, the Tiger Shark Card, the Bull Shark Card, the Great White Shark Card, the Whale Shark Card and the Megalodon Shark Card. No long gravel and robberies, but instant cash!

This is how you buy GTA Shark Cards with your PlayStation credit

To purchase GTA Online Shark Cards from the Store, you will need credit on your PlayStation account. Once you have done this, you can purchase Shark Cards. To find out how to do this, read step-by-step here:

  1. While in a Grand Theft Auto Online Freemode session, press START;
  2. From the pause menu, scroll to the Xbox Games Store tab or PlayStation Store tab;
  3. Press the X button to select. Your game progress will automatically be saved;
  4. Use the right stick to scroll through the cash card options;
  5. Press the X button to begin your purchase. You will be brought to a "PlayStation Store Purchase Confirmation" menu to complete your purchase;
  6. The GTA$ amount you've purchased will be automatically deposited in your GTA Online character's bank account.

If you have any questions about redeeming your PSN Card, click here.

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